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--Walter, Jr. 18:12, 18 Jan 2005 (UTC)Well hello! , and how're you'll doing? on this blessed day? , but I' am new in following your instructions for the 1st. time, but please pray for me for catching up or on to the board rules,

so then I would to express my appreciation for your patience with us, but I do have a question, inwhich is the reason for my putting you'll on our site for certain definitions in view for the ministry, well! I was looking for the definition of "Pure Religion" , inwhich, I personally posted it with you all, but some kind of way it got lost! , but God knows ALL, and I hope it can be recovered @ our email address: , however! , that Here is a definition of what I was approaching:

Pure Religion:...Matthew 6:33/James 1:22-26, "27"-Pure Religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their afflicition, and to keep himself unspoted from the world.

Now! , can anyone help me rightly help us with definition, or is we on the right track/near the true meaning? , but if so can it be posted a.s.a.p. Please! ,

love you'll always, Fr; Bro. and Sis. in Christ: Walter, Jr. and Debbie, La.

--[User:Firstthings1st.|Walter, Jr.] 17:10, 18 Jan 2005 (UTC)Posted: 1-17-05 Post subject: Religion:/James 1:27/and about "Pure Religion" Matthew 6:33, James 1: 26, 27. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! and how're you'll doing on this blessed day? , after asking this question of course! , open to all, I was just wandering, what are your views on the subject of Religion?: and why do you think that James had said what he did in James 1:27? Love you'll from: Walter, Jr.

Hello all again! , and how're you doing on this blessed day? , but as far as I'm in good health but with a pain now-in-then on the left side of my lower back area, but have been relieved of the pain just yesterday, being thankful to God for the healing.

But as for as what James making the statement that he did in James 1:27 about "Pure Religion" is: I don't know, because I was not there at the time of what he was going through to make such an epistle/standard of living, but the fact remains that he had declaired also that, even before he had made the statement in vs. # 27, if you would notice in the previous verses, that he was trully a servant of GOD, and of the Lord Jesus Christ verses 1-17, however! , he did have his own trials/etc. as he had continued, verses 18-26, but in verse 27 seems to explain itself, since he! being a living witness of the words of life through Jesus Christ his! Lord. So then only by these trues that I must admit to what is written in the HOLY ! SCRIPTURES,

Now! , as I began to see for myself, by me taking the Word of God/life into my own! heart, but only for to NOT SIN INTENTIONALLY AGAINST HIM, in having a personal relationship with my! precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth of course, by my keeping his sayings. So! , asking my wife about this issue of "Pure Religion" , but having the above issues of the subject matter as one have said:

1. Habakkuk 2:4, Matthew 4:4, James 1:26, (James 2:17), Galatians 2:20, Jude 1:3.

2. There is time for everything under God's Sun, and there is these times of trouble.

3. I trully remembered when our Lord had said to be YE! PERFECT/PERSONALLY!/HOLY! FOR I AM HOLY: Leviticus 11: 44, "45". ,

Matthew 5:1-12 "The Beatitudes" -13-"The Similitutes"-16-"17-Law/Torah/Docturine/Scriptures "Jesus Fufills the Law", 20"-26 "Murder" -27-30 "Adultry" 31-37 "Oaths" 38-42 "Retaliation" -

"43-48" "Love"-"Be ye therefore perfect/holy/blameless/upright/sincere/ "Hebrew El Shaddai", even as your Father which" is in heaven is perfect. Genesis 17: "1"-26 Institution of the Covenant: Circumcision, Exodus 6:1-"3"-8 God Reassures Moses, Deut. 18:"1-13" Law of the Administration of the Priest and Prophet, Lev. 19:2 "Law of Social Order", Col. 1:28 "Christ is Preeminent in the Church", James 1:4 "The Propose of Tests",

I Peter 1:15 "Be Holy/blameless/sincere/strive lawfully", Ephesians 4:30-5:1-12 "Grieve Not The Holy Spirit"-13-17 "Walk as Children of Light" -18-21 "Be Filled with the Spirit" -22-24 "Wives Submit to Your Husband"-25-33 "Husbands Love Your Wives".....The reason that I/We/and others also, have taken heed to the above context of why in the epistle of James 1:27 is so much of life trials is to us as getting our life lined-up with to "do" in action all the days of our life in righteousness and in holiness,

because of our Lord and Precious Saviour Jesus Christ and his redeeming, and cleansing power, as one have said: Miciah 6:8, Job 28:28, I Peter 5:7, James 1:22, but "helping one another is I think is the aspect of life" John 15:12: Righteousness exhaults a nation, but sin is a reproach to any of people.

Eph. 1:4, I Peter 1:15, 16. Which are a few of this subject matter, (if you would please! ?, according to the scriptures as to its context, for our/your/and others can have thier faith in action for salvation/freedom/comfort/rest. I Peter 2:21

So I would conclude by saying, and by these views from above, that for those who've shared from the above way of living, or may have some other views within the context of "Pure Religion", Let us go on to perfection! in this life for the life to come. Proverbs 28:13, Eccl. 12: 1-"13, 14". , Acts 1-17-"23-31".

Would a person then consider, and I'm not saying that you don't know, but just incase a person was unaware of, or just don't wan't to do anything about this matter, or just have some doubts, these above issues in taking heed/examine/inventory to theirself, to plainly see about what actually is pure religion as an epistle/lifestyle/doing that which is well-pleasing in his sight. Hebrews 13:1-17-"20-21". (James 1:22)

Now I would ask again, is the above issues accurate about: James 1:1-"27" . ?.....

and that I would define this issue as about "Pure Regilion" is exactly what (James 1:27) says....holy. orphans. defined! but not to only observe/see, but to be made free by the words of the Lord, and by doing these issues. example:...2:1-"26" . John 3: 1-"3-8-13"-21.

Love always Fr: Walter, Jr. and Deborah, La.

Your page Pure Religion/James 1:27[edit]

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Have fun! --Angr 19:12, 1 Feb 2005 (UTC)

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